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evocoffee™ is the gold standard in CBD coffee. 

Tanzanian Arabica Beans

Carefully roasted to create our deep, smooth and velvety coffee. 

10mg CBD Per Cup

Full spectrum of cannabinoids and terpenoids. 

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coffee. evolved. 

Upgrade your daily brew to the UK's favourite full spectrum, CBD infused coffee from evocoffee™


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200g Filter CBD Coffee



200g Filter CBD Coffee
200g Filter CBD Coffee 200g Filter CBD Coffee 200g Filter CBD Coffee

Our 200g bag of CBD infused filter coffee sells like hotcakes! If you're new to the world of CBD coffee or a seasoned CBD coffee connoisseur, this is the product for you. Buy CBD coffee today, order before 3pm for same day dispatch!

Why CBD Coffee?

"Evocoffee gives me increased alertness and energy with the added health benefits of CBD."

– Flo, Manchester

"What's not to love about easy, tasty CBD consumption as part of my pre-existing daily routine!"

– Eddie, Cornwall

"Thanks to Evocoffee, I now enjoy my morning coffee without the anxiety and palpitations! Love it!"

– Richard, Glasgow

"I couldn't get on with the taste of CBD oil. CBD coffee from Evocoffee is now my go to daily CBD fix."

– Michelle, Gloucester

Why Coffee?

Increased Alertness

Millions drink coffee everyday for increased energy and alertness. In fact, it's the worlds most popular drink!

Essential Nutrients

Coffee contains essential nutrients such as Riboflavin, Pantothenic acid, Potassium, Magnesium and Niacin.

Antioxidant Superstar

With 1,000+ antioxidants in unprocessed coffee beans, numerous studies have cited coffee as a major antioxident.

Why CBD?

Therapeutic Benefits

There is increasing awareness to the benefits of adding CBD to your everyday supplementation routine.

UK Legal

CBD is not a psychotropic compound and legal to possess when THC levels are below 0.2%.

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About evocoffee™

Do not compromise on taste and quality when you buy CBD coffee. Evocoffee™ is the UK's premium CBD infused coffee made from the highest quality, 100% Aribica beans and CBD rich, full spectrum, EU hemp extract.

Our CBD filter coffee is carefully roasted in the UK to enhance the natural flavour notes of nuts and berries. The quality of the highland Arabica beans create the deep, velvety coffee which makes evocoffee™ the UK's leading CBD infused filter coffee and the connoisseur's CBD coffee of choice.